After enduring United Kingdom levels of half-arsed failure throughout much of the 00s, Spain had their Jade Ewen moment last year when Pastora Soler and her jaw-dropping lung power gave them their first top ten finish in almost a decade. So it’s little wonder that they’ve decided to stick to a similar formula, internally selecting a popular artist again this year, and letting the televoters choose from a selection of four songs. The act is El Sueño De Morfeo, and tonight was the night the public made their choice.

Well, actually the concept of ‘choice’ was somewhat illusory, as this was a hilariously partisan piece of television, with the band, the juries and the presenters all openly endorsing the song Contigo hasta el final (With you all the way), which, of course, ended up winning. It was a similar story last year with Pastora’s Quedate Conmigo (Stay With Me), but that song was so much better than the rest on offer that it barely seemed to matter. Tonight there was considerably less to choose from between El Sueño De Morfeo’s songs, which were all pleasant but bland.

In a way you do have to admire them for sending an uncompromisingly Spanish – and undeniably popular – act into the fray. But their radio-pleasant sound – at least on the evidence of these songs – seems unlikely to inspire voters to race to the phones come May. In fact, while Contigo hasta el final is a nice enough song, I suspect it has a better than average chance of ending up with the dreaded nul points – I just can’t see who’s going to vote for this, particularly with Portugal sitting this year out.

That said, the juries might throw it a bone in the way they saved Anggun last year, and in any case I’m frequently very wrong about most things. But while this is a nice enough addition to the background noise of 2013, I’m not hearing a serious competitor here at all. Hopefully just a blip, rather than a slide back into the mire for Spain.

Still, better than Josh DuBovie, eh?