In a year that’s been fairly weighed down by slow numbers, it’s come as quite a relief to have noted Latin hotspot Belarus providing the year’s obligatory hip-shaking early 00s J.Lo-on-a-budget number. Alyona Lanskaya’s Solayoh might not be quite as strong as its intimidating odds would lead you to believe (at one point it was one of the most popular choices to win, although cooler heads prevailed and it’s died back a bit now), but it will definitely be a refreshing change of pace – especially in the ballad-packed first Semi Final.

Anyway, Belarus are going into the contest with high hopes, and as such they’ve invested in a video for the song. The first half is a bit generic-costcutting-video-filmed-in-a-warehouse, but then around the two minute mark it transforms into the summery beach video it always should have been. Frankly I’d have done the whole video on location here, but I dunno, maybe exterior filming costs more by the second.

Stick with it until 2.45 for a spectacularly pointless cameo by 2009 Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, whose facial expression is pretty much of definition of “so it’s come to this…”  I can only assume he did it for the free holiday.

Alyona has been promoting her song across Europe, and she’s sandwiched between two fairly unspectacular entries in the latter half of the first semi, so I think she’s a safe qualifier. Plus, once she’s in the final all she actually has to do is not come last and she’ll be the second most successful Belorussian Eurovision entry in history by default! Hooray for low expectations!