Few countries – not even the United Kingdom – can claim to be as profoundly rubbish at Eurovision as Austria. They began their association with the contest with a last-place in 1957, and with the exception of their sole win with Udo Jürgens in 1966, this pretty much set the tone. Their sole top ten placing of the 21st century came from Alf Poier, who came sixth in 2003 with one of the most intensely odd novelty entries ever to grace the stage. After a string of mid-00s bombs they stropped off for a bit in 2007, and returned in 2011 with a surprisingly creditable effort from Nadine Beiler; who deserved considerably better than the lowly 18th place she achieved in that year’s final with the beautifully sung The Secret of Love (although in fairness the song was pretty boring).

Last year was a return to form with the charmingly named Trackshittaz finishing last in their semi final, and I had low expectations of them providing anything worth hearing this year. Well colour me mildly wrong and possibly a bit prejudiced, because they’ve only gone and selected something halfway worth hearing!

Let’s not go nuts though. By most standards, Natalia Kelly’s ‘Shine’ is a fillerish entry at best, but by virtue of having a recognisable tune and a singer who can deliver it it already stands as something of a minor classic by Austrian standards. The chorus is a bit of the repetitive side, and it all goes a bit Christina Aguilera hellwailer towards the end, but on the whole this is an entirely listenable addition to the lineup. I can’t see it getting anywhere near the top of the leaderboard, but if she sings it well it could conceivably slip through into the finals, which, really, Austria should consider an achievement in itself.