Switzerland are traditionally the country that kicks off the Eurovision ‘season’ by being the first nation to select their entry. This year Belarus beat them to the punch, but they’ve still got in nice and early with the victory of Heilsarmee and the anthemic ‘You & Me’.

Now, there’s a touch of controversy here as Heilsarmee is actually made up of six member of the Salvation Army. Religious affiliations aren’t usually a problem in Eurovision, but what is a problem is that the group actually wear Salvation Army uniform in their performance, and indeed Heilsarmee is actually the German translation of ‘Salvation Army’. This contravenes the rules regarding promoting specific political, religious or commercial content, and the EBU have ruled that if the artists currently known as Heilsarmee are to compete in Malmö, they need to ditch the costumes and change their name.

If they refuse to back down, the Swiss will have to send something else; presumably the song that came second in their national selection. However, I suspect the group will compromise, so for now I’m content to call this as a near-certain entry.

Personally, I think it’s one of the best Swiss efforts in recent years. They’ve been unfortunate to only qualify twice since the introduction of the semi-final system in 2004, and they haven’t seen the top 5 of the leader board since 1993. I doubt this song will be a serious contender, but I do think it’s catchy and appealing enough to be a likely qualifier, and should land them their best placing since 2005, when the excellently named Vanilla Ninja came 8th with Cool Vibes.

The group is notable for the inclusion of 94 year old guitarist Emil Ramsauer, whose presence in the group has helped them to pick up considerable press attention even in the UK. If he makes it to the stage in May, he’ll eclipse even the Russian Babushki from last year, the oldest of whom was 76.