We Eurovision fans can be a contrary, pig-headed bunch. Try as we might to be impartial (and some don’t even do that!) for the vast majority there’s always one country whose entries we just can’t warm to. For me, that country is Azerbaijan. They frequently send polished, professional entries, but for some reason they almost always leave me cold. This year’s entry is no exception. The winner of their extensive national selection is Farid Mammadov and, unless any last-minute changes are made, the song will be Hold Me, written by Dimitris Kontopoulos – who also composed Shady Lady for Ani Lorak and This Is Our Night by Sakis Rouvas.

The song is…fine. It’s a classic Eurovision ballad, complete with dramatic drum-kick leading into the instantly hummable chorus, ropey pronunciation and slightly questionable lyrics (“hold me, just unfold me…”). I have enjoyed far worse entries, both historically and this year. But for some reason I just find it completely empty and soulless. I think it’s the fact that Azerbaijan so nakedly want to do well every year – no crime in itself – that they import a load of professional international songwriters every year to airbrush out every trace of national identity from their entries. They are slick, professional and completely faceless.

Perhaps I’m being overly harsh. I probably am – they’re far from the only country to resort to importing talent from elsewhere. Euphoria winner Thomas G:son seems to be on a one-man mission to compete only with himself by writing for every nation, while the UK entry has once again been written by a high-profile American (Desmond Child). But there we are. I felt this with Always, I felt it with Drip Drop and I felt it with Running Scared. In fact, you have to go back to their bizarre 2008 debut to find even a hint of personality in an Azerbaijani entry.

Anyway, it should do well because they always do, but even objectively it is quite dated and boring. It’ll qualify with ease, but I suspect this may be one of their lower finishes in the final – possibly even outside the top ten. A tip – if Malta don’t give them top marks, you’ll know he’s doomed…