In the weeks leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, I’ll be reviewing each of the 37 entries competing this year. Today I’m looking at Estonia, who are drawn third in the first semi-final with ‘Amazing’ by Tanja Mihhailova.

Estonia Flag


Estonia: Tanja – Amazing

Estonia are a country who seem to really get Eurovision. They’re not always found in the upper reaches of the scoreboard, or even in the finals, but their ear for quality and obvious enthusiasm for the contest means they usually send a professional package that’s well worth a listen. (Their wretched 2008 entry is obviously the exception that proves the rule).

A highly choreographed uptempo dance song with a commanding lead vocal, ‘Amazing’ is destined to draw comparisons with Loreen. Beyond the fact that they are both dance songs with ascending choruses, they don’t actually sound all that similar, certainly not to the extent that Cascada’s ‘Glorious‘ shamelessly aped ‘Euphoria‘ last year. But they’ve done themselves no favours with the choreography, which is bound to bring the similarities they do share into sharper relief – and the comparison doesn’t flatter ‘Amazing’, which is ultimately solid but workmanlike.

Tanja EstoniaAdvantages: This is one of the few outright uptempos in this semi, and Tanja is an exceptionally good vocalist. Her live performance at the Estonian national final was highly impressive, her ability to effortlessly sustain the notes while doing a lot of movement obviously a testament to her years of experience as a stage performer. The juries tend to reward excellent singing – it’s probably what sealed the deal in terms of getting Estonia over the line last year, and history may repeat itself here.

However, coming this early in the running order may well harm their chances – especially coming directly before a highly fancied performance from Sweden. It strikes as the kind of song that many will enjoy, but few will be especially inspired to pick up the phone for. 

Right now I’ve got this one on the bubble. There are two middling entries by reliable countries in this semi – Estonia and Moldova. I think one of them will sneak through, but not both. Moldova have the advantage of being more consistent in terms of picking up votes, and having a more favourable draw. Estonia have the better song and more engaging performer. At the moment I’m going to call this as a miss. A really impressive performance could push it over the line, but there’s a lot of competition and sadly this one feels like it’s most likely to fall by the wayside.

Prediction: Non-Qualifier