Last year Albania entranced and terrified in equal measure with the screeching Rona Nishliu, who gave them their first ever top 5 finish with her atonal song of despair Suus. I did fear that if they were tempted to mine this rich seam of intensity further in pursuit of Eurovision glory, they might resort to sacrificing a baby live onstage in 2013 while Charlotte Gainsbourg hacked out William Dafoe’s testicles in the background.

Mercifully, rather than attempting to catch lightning in a bottle they’ve taken a different route, selecting Bledar Sejko and Adrian Lulgjuraj with the terrace chant-y rock song Identitet. On first listen I thought I’d probably have preferred the AntiChrist musical, but I’m warming to this one on repeat listens. The intro reminds me of something from the BritPop era that is totally escaping me, but it’s probably just on the safe side of plagiarism.

I don’t think they’re going to repeat the success of last year with this entry, not least because the performance above features the dread image of men on the wrong side of 40 in leather trousers, but depending on the competition it might have a middling chance to sneak into the finals. One of the weaker Albanian entries for me – they’ve generally been a country that I’ve liked – but far from a catastrophe. Still waiting for the year’s first proper pop stomper though.