Sometimes I'm a parrot

Sometimes I’m a parrot

My name is John P Lucas (The P stands for Paul, and I use it not because I am a pretentious dick but because there’s already a John Lucas working in journalism and I don’t think he’d welcome being associated with my work). By day I work as a Content Manager for a Digital Marketing Agency and by night I write for a variety of blogs and media, including The Guardian, and

One of my very favourite things in this world is The Eurovision Song Contest. Because precious few legitimate media sources will pay me to ramble on at length about it all year round, this website is primarily my dumping ground for doing exactly that. I’m currently engaged in a possibly deranged and definitely quite tragic project in which I attempt to watch every Eurovision contest ever, from 1956 to the present day, and write down my findings. You can follow that project HERE.

In May 2013 I attended the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden for the very first time ever, which was very exciting. I attended the following year in Copenhagen, and will be attending a third time in Vienna this year.

I will also post random bits and bats about old songs I like, new songs I like, writing I’ve done elsewhere and anything that pops into my head and out through my fingers.

I am also a Freelance journalist and always on the lookout for new opportunities to get my work out there. If you’d like me to write something for you do please get in touch by emailing me on or via my TWITTER FEED.

Thank you for reading.